The EvangeCube® is one of the simplest and best evangelism tools we have ever seen. We designed a place for each Evangecube in our backpack. We’ve been using it for years in churches, on school campuses, and on foreign mission trips. The tracts are also available in several different languages. It fits perfectly with the concept of carrying evangelism and discipleship resources and being ready to share the Gospel as opportunities arise.

We have the EvangeCubes and English tracts available on our site at the same price as EvangeCube. For quantities above 24 (1 case), we’re glad to refer you to EvangeCube and E3 Resources directly so you can get quantity discounts.

Please check out E3 Resources at www.evangecube.org. They also have the tracts available in other languages, in addition to an assortment of some other great resources.

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Large EvangeCube

$8 each

Keychain EvangeCube


EvangeTracts (English translation)

$2.50 per pkg (25/pkg)






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